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Air curtains, guns and radiators new patented design.
They are used in the home, office and industrial buildings,
as well as on board the civil and military air, surface / underwater,
terrestrial and space applications and transport.
The design of devices incorporated the latest advances in science and technology, so the air curtains and fan heaters Teplor have the following fundamental differences from other devices with the same name:


    Electric heating elements (electric air curtain, electric heat gun)

- Patented non-metallic carbon.
Due to the high specific heating area (compared to any metal or metal-heaters) and other physical effects of saving up to 50%.
The spectrum of carbon heaters radiation spectrum differs from the metal heater emission no UV component, ie, namely that part of the thermal radiation, which "roasts" heated surface. The spectrum of our radiation heater very close to the spectrum of the thermal (infrared) radiation povehnosti Earth into space. That is why in vacuum chambers (space simulation) in space laboratories for tests run in space vehicles thermal radiation from the planet Earth mimic exactly carbon heaters. With this particular spectrum heaters Teplor have efektivnost heat and are environmentally friendly.

  •   the heater temperature during operation does not rise above 80 °C - the temperature of a completely fireproof, so the curtains and fan heaters with electric Teplor carbon heaters in principle, do not require any thermal protection against overheating.
  •   complete absence of thermal inertia - instant heat when turned on, turn off the heater cool down almost instantly - for 2-3 seconds, so Teplor heaters do not need to "blow off delay" or other automation solutions that reduce the reliability of the device as a whole  
  •  burnout without heat generation - in the case of emergency situation - the excess of the allowable stress, mechanical damage, short circuit in contact with foreign objects, etc. -. due to the low density of the heater material during burnout is not a fire occurs as a heater material non-flammable LIFE - unlimited


  • power consumption is 2-3 times lower than that of metal heaters with the same heat dissipation;
  • absolutely chemically inert, does not emit any substances, does not enter into chemical reactions;
  • lack of hard radiation in the infrared spectrum;
  • not afraid of water, including dropping;
  • elektrobezopasen, insulation resistance of at least 20 mega;
  • Oxygen does not burn, unlike metal heaters;
  • fireproof - during operation in the heating device is heated above 80 ° C;
  • If the fuse (as a result of accidental high voltage or incorrect wiring) is non-flammable;
  • lifetime - is not limited;
  • light - weight heater - 50-70 g per 3 kW;
  • in the emission spectrum is dominated by the thermal infrared spectrum is entirely consistent with the spectrum of the sun-warmed surface planet Earth types of heaters.

 Heat exchangers (thermal water curtain, water heat gun

  •  Thin-walled stainless steel tube wall thickness of 0.2 mm, which provides excellent heat impact surface.
  •    AISI 304 stainless steel provides excellent corrosion resistance and high mechanical strength.
  •    heat exchangers are connected to only the outside of the device - inside the unit heat exchangers seamless.
  •    coolant temperature - 500 ° C, pressure - up to 200 bar (20 MPa).
  •    service life of the heat exchanger - at least 25 years.

                                                  Fans blowing

- Have a service life of at least 100 thousand hours (> 12 years) of continuous operation, which is at least 25 years of service.
(For example, fans of most other equipment manufacturers have a maximum resource 30 thousand hours).
 axial fans, so creating a strictly laminar air flow without turbulence eddies, unlike fan type "impeller". This at the same initial velocity of our veils and guns have a range greater efficiency compared to any other devices. The advantage of the fans in the devices Teplor - light weight, ability to work at low temperatures down to - 25 ° C, and a long service life.
 Due to the laminar air flow (no turbulence created by the tangential wheels in devices archaic structures) the range of the jet at a speed of 6 m / s can reach 4 m.
 The curtain with a jet velocity of 11-13 m / s at the outlet aperture easily covers 4-6 m high


- Stainless steel 0.8 mm thick - a thickness of the metal making, for example, car bodies.
   This reliable, mechanically rugged needed because the device is designed to operate over the long term -
    at least 12 years.
   Indeed, if the instrument is made of components with small working life, he does not need a body of stainless steel - will come down and the housing of the low-quality black painted steel 0.2 mm - all the same buyer for next year it will throw out and buy the same product.
   The body heat of the veil or heat gun is assembled with the use of the latest achievements of engineering (glue joints,
  borrowed from the space industry) is not welded or threaded connections, which can corrode in a hostile atmosphere. Therefore, thermal curtains and fan heaters Teplor can work in chemically aggressive environments and in humid environments.
 The curtain with a jet velocity of 11-13 m / s at the outlet aperture easily covers 4-6 m high

                      The use of air curtains and heat guns Teplor:

  -  gates, entrances, doors
  -  warehouse, shop

  -  garage, car wash, car wash

  -  greenhouse

  -  tram and trolley bus


 Due to the technical advantages that are achieved by using a patented design, air curtains and water or electric air curtains can operate in the most demanding conditions.
  Air curtains and fan heaters can be used on TEPLOR mobile objects

and at temperatures below freezing, that is categorically counter-thermal devices from other manufacturers.
  The device can be used as 
heat gun and a heat sink and as the air curtains.

Platten TEPLOR 4 meters in length and weighs just 15kg easily carried by one person.
  The price of air curtains and fan heaters TEPLOR quite adequate service life (10 years), the guarantee on the device (3 years), excellent technical characteristics and conditions operating.


   Advantages of air curtains and heat guns TEPLOR can be considered:

  • significant energy savings - in 2-3 times due to the use of patented non-metallic nano-carbon hollow band heaters.
  • easy installation in a completely any room, be it a house or a manufacturing facility.
  • operation in conditions detrimental to the devices of other manufacturers - including work at subzero temperatures and 100% humidity.
  • These air curtains can be bought for a large warehouse, since their work is not in the room will penetrate not only cold,
  • and dust.

   Order the production of air curtains or heat guns Teplor as you select, you can:  HERE    on E-MAIL 

                                                                                      or by calling  +7 495 662 78 61











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