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The history of our company begins in 2010, when the terms of reference for the manufacture of trams for the city of Moscow appeared the item "tram doors should be equipped with air curtains naddvernymi". No other manufacturer of such equipment could not produce such a veil. Therefore, the organizers of the competition for the purchase came to us with a request to develop a device that meets the technical requirements. It was then that our CB was invented and patented heavy duty ultra-compact air curtains for electric. These curtains have been installed in the production of trams PTMF and successfully work in Apakovskom and Rusakovskaya tram depot Mosgortrans without a single failure so far.
    For years and decades, the best designers of all enterprises and institutions of Thermal Technology could invent and construct air - thermal unit ultra-compact size, which would satisfy the very stringent requirements of the public electric operation:
  - Vibration and shock loading, the opportunity to change the spatial position operable without damage to moving parts and mechanisms.
 - Sharp and frequent fluctuations of temperatures of exploitation (especially in winter)
- Salinity (salt pairs of winter) and dustiness (summer) air in the passenger compartment of public transport
 - Strong fluctuations of the supply voltage (up to 30%)
 - Vandalnost operation in conditions of public transport.
 - The highest level of insulation and electrical safety
 Our curtain meets all these conditions.
   And despite the fact that for the sake of clan interests curtains were installed with violations of all possible installation requirements, to discredit the reliability and reasonableness of their design did not work.
 Thus it was that our curtain was originally placed at a disadvantage and even a losing position - almost crash test conditions. Any other product on our site veil under such conditions would be out of order immediately. But the veil of our proven its reliability. Our curtain overcome all artificially created difficulties. And that is why it is possible to be confident. For a product that has passed the crash test on a city transport, brilliantly accomplished their task in the application in any environment.

   Заказать изготовление тепловых завес или тепловых пушек Теплор ПО ВАШИМ ПАРАМЕТРАМ вы можете:  ЗДЕСЬ    по E-MAIL 

                                                                                       либо позвонив по телефону +7 495 662 78 61

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