What is organic food

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Organic food

Organic food, today, people are at risk of being expose to more than 15,000 different chemicals. That come from food, drinking water, air and the environment. With the dangers of toxins contaminating food and the environment around them. Causing our bodies to accumulate toxins And resulting in a risk of various diseases, for example โปรโมชั่น ufabet, in the United States today found that the environment has a significant effect on health. 

This can be seen from the rate of disease. And it tends to increase steadily compared to 20 years ago. Because American children today have cancer, asthma and autism more and more. The ratio of children with autism increased from 1: 2,000 to 1: 66 for this reason. Organic food has become the starting point for health lovers. Because it is a food that comes naturally from nature.

What is organic food?

All ingredients are all natural

Organic food does not use any synthetic substances in culture or cultivation. Regardless of whether it is vegetables or meat. It is raise and grown on pure natural food. If it is an animal, it will be raised independently. There is no synthetic fattening or feeding for fast-growing animals popularly done in large industries. As for vegetables, it will be grown on home soil without any synthetic materials, whether it is scientific fertilizers. And chemicals or pesticides Use only natural compost or manure in cultivation. 

The seeds that are cultivated must not be genetically modify. And the soil must be prepare before cultivation in a natural way. That must be made non-toxic for at least 3 years, so it can be call a truly natural food creation 100% with a natural aroma. Every step in planting and processing must be in accordance with the standards that have been verified by various departments, so all components are clean and pure

Food Organic food does not use any chemicals

All ingredients must be natural. Because if chemicals are used, they will not be considered organic food. Which does not use that chemical that means Not using pesticides, chemical fertilizers, stimulants, or growth stimulants on animals. But there are some who use chemicals as little as needed. This might be called “95% organic” or how many percent is said to. But if it is below 70%, it will not be considered organic food. 

Hydroponics and organic vegetables are not considered organic because organic vegetables are vegetables that are not free from the use of chemicals or pesticides during cultivation. But it is a non-toxic vegetable during the harvest. Hydroponics vegetables. Is no soil vegetables, this type of vegetable still needs to be dependent on chemicals. Because vegetables without soil will not have soil that is a nutrient accumulator. But turns from soil to water to become a nutrient accumulator instead

It does not cause pollution in the production process

Because of that organic food In addition to the mosquito nets to emphasize the good health of the consumer. Another important purpose is to help reduce pollution to nature. Because it is well known that the use of various chemicals such as pesticides, chemical fertilizers or various growth accelerators will create toxic residues in the soil, in the water and in the air, which will eventually degrade. Yes, it can take decades, and this natural cultivation method is the best way to help restore the lost nature. Because in addition to eating organic food. Also help reduce various pollution as well

However, organic food is not clean and pure, free from any foreign matter or contamination, but contains natural additives. Like bacteria that are not foreign substances produced by human synthesis Rather, it is a natural foreign substance that will help the immune system to function normally. Strengthens the body Including certain types of bacteria that help keep various systems within the body in balance.